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Figures Photography had already several publications / assignments:


October 2007

Coverphoto for leaflets - Ramaer

An assignment for 'Crea-Case'. 




October 2007

Coverphoto and photo on the inside for leaflets - Emfra - Barcode System.

IAn assignment for 'Crea-Case'.  With thanks to the campingplaces nearby who

gave me permission to make photo's on their camping!





September 2007

Photo for poster and flyer of the festival 'Bockesprongen'

(by  'Bockepruik') in Boxtel. 

The photo in the right upper corner of the poster was made by Figures Photography.





September 2007

7 Photo's for the presentationmap of  'Crea-Case'. 






July 2007

New photo's for the website and flyer of bellydancer Arya

Bellydancer Arya came for a second shoot.

It was again a nice experience to work with her!!






June 2007

Coverphoto for leaflets - course 'Succesfull Projectmanagement'.

An assignment for 'Crea-Case'.  Harry had the honour of posing as 

a 'succesfull projectmanager' and one of those photo's was used by Euroforum.





November 2006

Photo for birth-card of Timme.

Timme was born on the 4th of november 2006. I took photographs of him 

with his brother Loran.





Juli 2006

Photo's in CISM Wheels 2006 - Magazine for World Military Championships 

Cycling. During the 'Acht van Chaam' this time the worldchampionship for military 

cyclers took also place. Some of my photo's were used for this magazine.



December 2005

Won a price with a photo in a contest on the weblog wielrennen.blog.nl

I participated with a photo of Ivan Basso who is giving his flowers away to

a lady in the audiance. This photo was made during the "Acht van Chaam 2005".

For the whole album of that day click here.





December 2005

Photo kameleon for publisher Kluwer

Via "de Ontwerpster" this photo will be used for the company "Private Label Media".





November 2005

Photo for birth-card of Vince

Vince was born in november 2005, but this photo was made some months before

he was born (in july). On this photo you see the pregnant belly of his mother with 

on top of it the hands of his father and two sisters. Another precious experience

for me!




October 2005

Photos for poster and flyermaterial for the castle-party "Zuid gaat Uit"

For this party I delivered some photo's for the poster and flyers.




October 2005

Photo "beeeeeh" used for DVD with Learning material in Norway





September 2005

Photo of 'Ridderzaal' on website of Joost de Vree - www.joostdevree.nl

Beneath the letter Z - "ziende kap" photo Ridderzaal by Figures Photography





May 2005

Photo for birth-card of Aypril

Aypril was born on the 5th of may 2005. The day after she was born I rushed to the

justborn child and her parents to make the photo for the birth-card. One of the most

beautiful assignments ever I thougt! The little girl is laying in her strong dads arms here.




April 2005

Photos for traffic-method for school "Wegwijs" - Publisher Malmberg

This time the assignment was to make photos of a young boy cycling to the swimming

pool.On the way he finds several trafficsigns and situations. I worked with Stef to make

these photos.




17th of February 2005

I won the photocontest of "Brabants Dagblad" with "Send me an Angel"





January 2005

Photos voor traffic-method for school "Wegwijs" - Publisher Malmberg

The assignment was to make several photos of bicycles parked in right and wrong

places. I was also asked to make some photo's of people cycling next to eachother

in several situations.




December 2004

CD-Cover Yvonne Lawalata

On 10th of September 2004 was the concert of 'Pure Melk Chocolade'.

Figures Photography was there to make photos for the website and CD-Cover.

To view Yvonnes website with my photowork press here.

For more photos of her concert made by Figures Photography press here.





Womenswing / La Danse

Figures Photography delivered several photos to 'La Danse' of the monthly

evenings out only for women.





Website Trude Verboom - www.spelenderwijs.biz

Trude is one of the players of improvisation theatregroup 'Zoetelieve'.
She also has her own website about the work she does with theatre.

Figures Photography delivered photos for her website.




November 2004

Photo in Computer Idee

Special about photography.

For the original photo of the vulture press here.





June 2004

Photo of "Behoorlijk Bekoorlijk" in 'Zij aan Zij' nr 5 (page 10)

Figures Photography made photo's of their concert on Queens Day 2004.

One of these photos was published in the magazine "Zij aan Zij".






Photo for funeral card in assignment for 4 People Communications

Jeroen Franssen of 4 People asked me to deliver a photo of a tree.

See here the result.




2003 till now

Almost all photos for the website of Improviastion Theatre-group 'Zoetelieve'

For Zoetelieve I've been their home-photographer some years.

Here you can see the website for which I delivered almost all of the photos.

For more photos of 'Zoetelieve' on my website press here.





2003 till now

Several photos for posters and flyers of Improvisation Theatre-group 'Zoetelieve'

For Zoetelieve I've been their home-photographer some years.

Here you can see some posters which I delivered photos for.

For more photos of 'Zoetelieve' on my website press here.




February 2004

Photo for Homeless-newspaper Den Bosch (de Zelfkrant) nr 2

Homeless-newspaper-seller Ad was in front of the supermarket with his dog Thor.

He was selling the paper in his Santa-suit. I took this photo for the homeless-paper.





Photos for traffic-method for school "Wegwijs" - Publisher Malmberg

For their new traffic-method I was asked to make some photos for Malmberg.

They wanted some photos of a girl on the bike meeting several traffic-situations.

I worked with Maartje en Pieter to make this assignment succeed.




December 2003

Papermint - Staff-magazine Publisher Malmberg - Coverphoto en photo inside.

For the staff-magazine of Malmberg I delivered some photos of 'Zoetelieve'.





Photos for Geographic-method "Een wereld van verschil" - Publisher Malmberg

Malmberg used a photo of the island Ameland en a photo of the island Vlieland.




June 2003

Several photos for "Onze Fret" - magazine of the Dutch Ferret-club

Ferrets are very lively animals. I photographed a few for the magazine 'Onze Fret'.




19th of april 2003

Photo Improvisation Theatre-group 'Zoetelieve' in 'Bosche Omroep'

Next to an article in the local paper 'de Bosche Omroep' the photo called "the dentist"

was placed.