Who is Nathalie?

My name is Nathalie Gerritsen-Viguurs. Born on the 11th of september 1972 in the southern part of the Netherlands. Nowadays I live just across the border in Belgium with my husband Harry and cat 'Kater'.


My whole live I've loved all sorts of creative and artistic things. Since 2002 I am also an enthousiastic photographer. That year I bought my first digital camera (a sony dsc s-85) and learned a lot about photography by doing it, reading about it and discussing it with other photographers. Soon I noticed that I wanted to do more with this new passion. I bought a digital SLR, the Canon EOS 10D and ever since, my love for this new challenge grew bigger and bigger. And it's still growing every day. Nowadays I hardly ever leave the house without my camera (the Canon EOS 30D).




My photowork and preferences


A photographer of my photogroup once typified me as "the woman of the colours". Although I love black and white photography with portraits, I am also always looking for beautifull warm colours in the world around me. It makes me feel happy! As a starting photographer I want to be creative and many-sided. Of course I have my preferences as well. With this website I want to give you an impression of my photowork. I hope the love I have for photography is visible on this website. 









          Photo by Harry




          Photo by Ramon Mangold






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See you!

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